duminică, 20 aprilie 2014


            Everything is connected through the relation cause -effect. Day and night exist due to the rotation of the Earth. Plants grow and "manufacture" oxygen during the day because of the sun light. Water boils at 100 ᶛ C if you transfer to it a certain amount of thermic energy and people act or react depending on their previous experience which was built by their parents, friends, choices they've made and so on.
            Truth is one of the gears that "keeps" everything in motion. It is the element that helps to build bonds among people and to make new discoveries in science. Truth has multiple meanings. It can be either something that is verified, or a conformity to reality, imposed by a group of people, a society or an institution.
              Truth is defined, as something that is verified, is more relative to our being and our understanding. It makes us progress during our lifetime, it's something that works for us, a gathering of facts filtered through our consciousness and at the same time, the result drawn from various experiences we've encountered before. We learn during our lifetime by making experience, and by embracing new experiences. Our mind is shifted into learning mode the moment we're aware that the current experience is new. We assimilate more information, we are more aware about ourselves, about the world, about everything, because it is in our nature to survive and to adapt. The truth is (as something verified), is that, the more conscious you live the more you learn about the world and about yourself. Conscious living is a way of accelerating your learning processes. By discovering new truths about ourselves we grow as human beings and the more honest the more genuine our personal growth is.

            In "Personal development for smart people" by Steve Pavlina, the concept of truth is divided into five components: perception, self-awareness, prediction, accuracy, and acceptance.

           Perception is "the representation of what is perceived and basic component in the formation of a concept". People are gifted with five senses as a result of thousands of years of evolution so they can explore the surroundings and build a solid base for developing knowledge about the world. Human race survived because of this knowledge and even more; people managed to form cultures, to build cities, conduct businesses because of their way of storing information into their mind and using it in their advantage, and everything began with a small and also important step which was becoming aware of something through their senses. The verb "to be aware of something", or to perceive something, has two meanings and in this case being aware of something is equivalent to being attentive to something. People perceive the world, no doubt about that, and for each piece of information, they attached a concept, a meaning, in other words gave it a representation so that they can talk about it and refer to it. The short version of this story is: we perceive, and the result is has a representation…the perception of perceiving. People grow stronger by using the knowledge built on this solid base, but knowledge itself implies a certain degree of conscious involvement, which fluctuates from person to person. In order to take action based on your perception, you must decide that "the concept" seen as perception and reason can lead to improvement or not. You can take action to solve a problem but sometimes it doesn't work out. What will you do? Well, mathematics teaches us that being given a hypothesis , by using a certain set of rules, you can determine the outcome. Basically you divide the problem, go to its core and decide if the basic components (perception) work for you or not. You can't solve a problem if you don't look at its hypothesis, you can't solve a problem, no matter which may be if you don't look at its core. I believe that conscious perceiving can lead to improvement in every field of our live.

          Prediction means anticipation, prevision, or foretelling. Let's pretend that you collect various artifacts from various places and there is the possibility of finding artifacts of the same kind, having the same  structure, and having the same appearance. If the rule of the game would be that you can only collect different artifacts, what strategy would you use to expand your collection. Well...if the artifacts aren't set in a specific order you tend to compare each artifact from your collection with the one you want to integrate in your collection. There are two possibilities: you either have a copy of your artifact in your collection, either you don't, in this case you'll expand your collection. It happens the same thing with experiences but for each experience you acquire, you collect a pattern. Each new situation shifts your mind into learning mode, having as a result acquiring new experiences, which means new patterns . The more patterns you acquire, the better your prediction will be and the smarter you'll get. There is no reason to collect patterns for the sake of your collection. We use them to predict future situation in order to accustom with the surroundings, to get used to a new job, to a new group of people, a new city, if you've recently moved to another city. Why? Because we need to satisfy our needs, we need to survive and we need to take care of people we love. We can use this simple mechanism - no matter the  level of awareness we're engaged in - to find more truths about ourselves, and by consciously doing, that we genuinely grow as human beings.

          Because of your perception, you acquire patterns which will become solid base for prediction.  Accuracy is defined as the quality of being near to the true value. You cam either deny the unpredictability of life and create your false sense of security, either you accept the vagaries of life and learn to live with them. Choosing the second  possibility, your goal is to make a map, as accurate as possible, and by map I refer to the sum of possibilities, choices and decisions. You can make mistakes from time to time but that won't be a problem. You can never lose anything. You are a winner. Everything depends on your perspective.

               Acceptance: the mental attitude that something is believable and should be accepted as true. If it works for you, you'll definitely accept it. But what happens when you have to deal with a New concept? There are two possibilities: you either like it or you either don't and you can't do anything about it unless you divide the concept into information, principles, and values and see which one you resonate the most. In this case you need to make a conscious effort by moving the concept into a new perspective that works for you.

         Self-awareness refers to awareness of your own individuality, having or showing knowledge or understanding or realization or perception
              Regarding self-awareness, I have a short story to tell. Last week ( beginning of April ), I participated to "Factory of entrepreneur" project, meant to teach young students how to build a business, what integrity is, how our mind works, and to find out about themselves. One of the questions was "Who are we?", and we had a debate upon "the thing" that defines us entirely. Although we could choose between our body, our feelings and emotions, our thoughts, or the thinker that thinks which is our brain, some people had an intuition and said "We are energy!", or the thing that people know it as soul. 
            I'm pretty sure you've heard about the following theory because it's  quite viral. Basically we have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. The first one is the creative mind, it deals with concept, ideas, dreams and gives us the quality to choose between several possibilities based on reason. The second one works like a recording device and CD-player at the same time. The reason is that our subconscious mind makes it easier for us do deal with repetitive task in order to free our conscious mind to deal with reasoning or adapting to new situations. There's no need to pay attention to the way we eat, or breathe, write or even count money. For instance, people who work in stores, usually count the change without paying attention because it's not possible to serve many people, take their order, give them the merchandise, take their money, give their change, by being conscious 100% eight or even more hours per shift.  This mechanism allows them to pay attention to other tasks like checking the terms of the product.
           The problem is that the conscious mind is the leader for about 5% from our time. The subconscious mind keeps playing the same songs it recorded before, in the remaining time, whether with the voice of one person whether with the voice of several people. Generally speaking we call it "the voice" and it's talking to us and tells us how to act. The illusion is that we tend to believe that "the voice" is the same as ourselves, but it's not. We don't want to lie, we don't want to cheat, we don't want act against our principles and we don't want not to honor our responsibilities. The voice does because many responsibilities are placed outside the comfort zone so why should we go out of the comfort zone, why should we keep our word when we can do nothing and be lazy. Well this is just the program from our subconscious mind implemented by people we've encountered before. don't listen to it! Seriously! You don't want to go astray from your truth. Your voice is not you. The reason I'm telling you about it, is that being truthful means to be aware about what you think and how you act. Usually "the voice"  makes  you break your deal whether  it's with your self, whether it's with somebody else and you should consider it as a pointer to a way of becoming more truthful. 

           This is my truth... it doesn't have to be yours too. This is how I see the invisible mechanism that runs our lives without our notice.


                   Find a quiet place and sit comfortably with your back straight, make sure you are in a very comfortable position so you can let yourself go completely. Close your eyes, breathe into your nose, expand your belly. Hold. Visualize number three, three times. Exhale and blow away all your tension. Take another deep breath, expand your belly and your lungs, hold. Visualize number two, three times. Exhale and blow away all your tension. Take another deep breath, expand your belly, and lungs, relax your body, hold and visualize number one three times. Exhale and blow away all your tension. I'm going to count from 10 to 1, when I reached the count to 1, I'm going to enjoy a deep state of relaxation. 10, 9, when I reached the count to 1, I'm going to enjoy a deep state of relaxation, 8, 7, when I reached the count to 1, I'm going to enjoy a deep state of relaxation, 6, 5, when I reached the count to 1, I'm going to enjoy a deep state of relaxation, 4, 3, when I reached the count to 1, I'm going to enjoy a deep state of relaxation, 2, 1..... Now I am deeply relaxed. My body is light as a feather, I call my angels and my mentors to assist me while finding the gem of my inner world. Everything is white! Everything is light! I'm floating somewhere in myself like the reflection of two mirrors in each other, like a tunnel of I which leads to me. The colors began to flow from my chest with pressure and density as if an entire ocean resides in me. The sand is piercing the blue from place to place, and from place to place the water is flowing vertically to the sky as of they're rivers. My body is getting lighter and lighter and dragged into the center of the sky. There is a small house placed on a floating rock and from that rock is flowing locks of river. The house is made of wood, the walls have huge windows, and the roof also has a huge round window but this one is showing the greater cosmos with stars, and planets. This window can be opened by thought, my body is lifted to another dimension, outside our galaxy, outside of universe and it's getting dragged outside of everything that exist. Everything is light and white as in the beginning, but this time closer to the source of everything, a gargantuan shining Cristal that moderates by Its own will. It's the source of knowledge, the core of love and abundance. My own latent power is resonating with the core. I'm getting better and better, resonating with the universe, with my inner desires, with my inner self. I'm enjoying myself....

                     I'm going to count from 5 to 1, when I reached the count to 1 I'm opening my eyes be wide awake and feeling better than before. 5, 4, when I reached the count to 5 I'm opening my eyes be wide awake and feeling better than before, 3, 2, 1. Eyes open, wide awake feeling fine and in perfect shape, feeling better than before.

joi, 20 martie 2014

I am....

                Hey there! I am Myron! This is my name, sort of, actually my name is spelled with an "i" instead of "y" but this fact doesn't counts. I am the same regardless the name, I am the same whether I have two arms or one arm. I am the same regardless the emotion or feeling I bear. I am the same because I don't identify with my thoughts or the thing that thinks and I found out that I'm more than I am .

                So what am I? Or who am I?  I am you! It's hard to believe, but that's why you like me, even though you're not aware. We share the same interests, we like the same music, we read almost the same books and we love to be truthful with each other. Can I answer why do we do that? Because we like when we find ourselves into yourself and we enjoy spending time with ourselves through yourself. It took me almost twenty years to discover this truth, and this package came with a trip to university, a job at a convenient store, a job in America, a bundle of amazing people, and myself. This may not be the truth for you, but it definitely works for me… it's my truth and I'm going to share with you, or I'm going to keep it for myself?
              I made a deal with God...that's why you are here, because there's no journey with no reason.
              Here I'm going to share with you some information I've discovered, experiences I've had and books I've read. If you read everything from above, you would understand, and you wouldn't judge cause you would only judge yourself!